Transition services, and a written transition plan, are required for students who receive special education services. And the single best piece of advice that we can offer about this is – it’s never too early to start planning!

By law, schools need to begin addressing Transition for the IEP which is current when the student turns 16, or earlier if appropriate. Elementary school is a great time to begin thinking of a child’s adult future and planning to maximize what they learn and experience before exiting school.

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Why is Transition Planning So Critical?

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Transition planning provides an opportunity for IEP teams to coordinate the efforts of parents, educators, and adult service agencies to align their efforts to work toward a smooth transition from school to adult life including employment, independent living, and education or training.

School services for students who have IEPs are entitlements. Many adult services are based on eligibility and availability. You may have to wait for services or get creative to build the supports you need to live, learn, or work in your community.

A resource to assist you to think about your transition is this workbook - Planning for Your Transition from High School to Adult Life