Adult Services

An important component of Transition Planning for youth with disabilities is identifying adult agencies that may be able to provide services and supports to the student during transition planning or after graduation from high school. It is important to understand that when students move from school to adult services, they are moving from an entitlement system (everyone is served) to a system that is based on eligibility.

Some questions for teams to start considering include:

  • o What agencies are available that provide needed services?
  • o What is the application process? How early can it be started?
  • o What services are provided?
  • o Is there a waiting list for service?
  • o Are there any services available while my child waits? Is private pay an option?

Agencies to Explore

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Some agencies to learn about include:

  • o Developmental Disabilities Services
  • o Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • o Independent Living Centers
  • o HUD
  • o Social Security Administration
  • o Disability Student Services at the school of your choice
  • o Vocational Rehabilitiation Blind and Low Vision Services